We are equipped with all brands of new machinery and along with the long time period of existence and the experiences in Sri Lanka. Our style of Management is that of dedication and commitment. Our Employees are dedicated to all aspects of Production and Management with motive of delivering the right product at the right time at the best price.

We are committed to;

  • Meet all applicable environmental laws
  • Protect environment pollution by recycling of waste
  • Drive continuous improvement of the environmental
  • Management system by promoting the use of
  • Cost-effective best practices.


At Chamu International we are 100% committed to the Environment. As a result, we dedicate time to organize and separate recyclable material from all our Wastes.

Over 90% of the wastage we gather is recycled and re-used to help reduce the rubbish that ends up in land fill.

Plants And Machinery

Our company production process is ruining through three major processes. First it will go through the film blowing section and those films will be direct to the cutting section and at last the packaging section. If it is the printing bag it may go through the printing section in order to be oriented. The machines are used for manufacturing bags of different sizes. All these range of machines blown film, printing, cutting and sealing machines that result in delivery very high quality end products. Our infrastructure is well equipped with latest technology and high quality machines.